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Bikini tops

Time for a new bikini? You’ve come to the right place. Choose from hundreds of stylish bikinis in different models and styles! Whether you’re looking for a new bikini set or want to mix and match bikini tops and bikini bottoms, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Timarco.

What makes a stylish bikini? That’s the burning question that only you can answer. If you want to feel confident on the beach you need swimwear that you feel comfortable in. That’s why we say that the most important thing is to find the right size and fit for your body shape. If you need different sized top and bottoms, we recommend you buy your bikini top and bottom separately, for best comfort. Browse our range of tops and bottoms separately!

We have a range of different bikinis. If you’re looking for a gorgeous beach top we recommend a bandeau bikini, for a gorgeous tan. If you want a bikini top to flatter your figure we recommend a padded bikini with push-up. You might need extra support if you have a large bust or like being active on the beach so why not try a halterneck bikini.
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