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Tights - perfect for all seasons and occasions. Tights are great for a range of occasions – everyday wear or special occasions. Wear them with a dress or skirt. There are lots of reasons why every wardrobe should have at least one pair of tights! Find new favourites in our range of different patterns. We also have beige and black tights.

Find the right tights for you in Timarco’s range. Our range includes thin and thick tights in made of a range of materials including merino wool, which is perfect for winter. We also have bamboo tights - a material that absorbs moisture and is antibacterial for natural protection against bad smells. This means that the tights don’t need to be washed as often so they last for longer.

Colour is important when you’re choosing a pair of tights. Choose tights to match the colour of your skin or a pair of simple black or white tights. Or why not try patterned tights to create a daring look? The important thing to keep in mind no matter what style you go for is that the thicker the material of the tights, the stronger the colours, patterns and details will look.

Colour is important, but shape is perhaps more important. You need a design that fits you and your body shape to really feel comfortable in your new tights. Browse our range of related products, for example stay-ups and susupender belts for a dressed up look, or thigh bands. Thigh bands stop chafing between the thighs so you don’t feel uncomfortable when your thighs rub together. We have stay ups and thigh bands in different colours, materials and sizes.
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